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~ Forgive me, I have but two faces;

Izanami-no-Okami [sometimes referred to as Izanami-no-Mikoto] is the goddess of the underworld, Yomi. As written in the ancient scripts of the creation of Japan, she was created along with Izanagi-no-Okami to create the islands of their home. The two would dip a spear within the water, and wherever the drops landed, there grew a prosperous island. Both loved each other and were pleased with the task they were set to do by the celestial beings.

A while later, the both of them created a pillar that stretched to the sky, many people today refer to this as the "Pillar of Heaven." As decreed by the heavenly gods, Izanami and Izanagi waited on opposite ends of the pillar, only coming around to meet each other when they felt ready. Izanami spoke first, issuing the vow of marriage and loyalty to her husband, and Izanagi followed, vowing loyalty and duty to his wife. However, upon her first child being born, the god was deformed and unfit to become a deity. Seeing this happen, both were told to redo the marriage ceremony. Both complied, and Izanagi introduced himself first this time, and Izanami followed after him. From there, they had many children, who made wonderful deities and beautiful creatures alike.

However, with the birth of the Fire God Kagutsuchi, Izanami was horrendously burned. As she lay there dying, her husband grew outrageously angry and slew the child, holding his wife in his arms before her spirit left her. She found herself among the many who descended into Yomi, the underworld, and it was there that she remained for a period of time. When Izanagi descended to Yomi himself in search for her, he found her and begged for her to return. But upon hearing this, she told him to not look at her until they reached the surface. As she turned to say farewell, Izanagi noticed what she had become: a rotting corpse. Terrified, he ran, Izanami furiously chasing after him, screeching his name as if in betrayal. When he reached the surface, he placed a boulder over the mouth of the cavern to the underworld, therefore separating him from his wife. In an outrage, she screamed at him, threatening-

"If you abandon me, I will kill 1,000 of your men every day."

His only reply was stern, cold, and saddened. "For every 1,000 you kill, 1,500 shall be born in their place."

This journal is a mixture between mythology and the true ending of Persona 4. Currently Izanami is post-true ending, residing on another world, and still does not fully understand human desire. The mun does not claim any association or ideals that said character has, this is all for fun and games.

Also, the banner in the profile is by myself, credit [info]identityicons if you decide to gank please. &hearts
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